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The Story of the Wall

A long time ago, in a Hampshire mod not too very far from here, there was once a kitchen. Actually, there still is. We just don't live there any more. It's in Mod 29 in Greenwich. I lived there with a bunch of my friends, and some people I couldn't stand. Oh wait, they were the same people. Anyway, at some point Kathleen got pissed at the amount of dishes in the sink, and rather than throw a hissy fit about it, she wrote a haiku, and taped it above the sink. Thus was the Wall started. Others responded, and eventually we had a whole bunch of haiku up over the sink, ranging in topic from the size of the author's dick to angst regarding schoolwork, to lying promises to accomplish chores. It became a tradition to demand haiku of visitors, and then to post them. It was great fun.

Eventually, as all great things do, it came to an end. Not so much because we were tired of it, as because the year was ending, and we were all forced to move out. But before leaving, I carefully took pictures of the wall, and carefully removed and saved each of the small slips of paper from the wall. I then halfheartedly vowed to create a Haiku Wall II on the web, never expecting anything to come of it. Shockingly, not only did I transcribe the paper into a web page, I actually did hack together some PHP/MySQL code, the results of which you are surfing around near. It's been some 9 months since I first wrote it (as of this writing), and it has survived being entirely erased, and a catastrophic hardware failure that erased nothing. It's changed a fair amount as well, to the point where it's almost a decent app. Who'd a thunk?

As it currently stands, there are over 100 haiku, primarily by 2 or 3 people (including myself), but with contributions from a bunch of others. I'd love it if you would write one yourself. In fact, I demand it. But even if you don't, enjoy the fruits of our labors, if you can stand the guilt.

Update 7-16-01
Sweet Jesus! Over 800 haiku! At least a couple dozen authors! Who'da thunk? Anyway, I know there are people who have read this page and then NOT written any haiku. Don't be one of them! Write!

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