Wall over the Sink

These are the set of haiku that started it all... In all their wondrous, error-filled glory. As documented elsewhere around here, there are a whole bunch of authors to these. If anybody is curious, I have the original paper somewhere too. Also, a picture of the Wall, just before I took it down. And again.

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Moan for Mayonnaise
Life so brief, dropped broke an spilt.
I'll remember thee
My Dick is so big
Like a tree growing strongly.
Roots plow through the earth
bodies are so pleasant
sleeping in someone's embrace
is what I miss most
I scream for ice cream
and because wolves tear my flesh
sort of a zeugma
Exhaustion takes me
Like a cruel wind takes the heat
Just two days to go
A bit cold for a nice day
no resolution
What have I got here?
spring day, fresh air, cool water.
Nuts on my ankles.
Saturday Night Live
Celebrity Jeopardy
"Penis Mightier"
Moose looks like a whale
It's breaching on Fuzzy's shirt
Fuz is mammal, too.
This place is a mess
So much garbage on the floor
I need to vacuum
It is not garbage
I think it is recycling
I swear I'll fix it.
Must empty compost
Once bright colors become grey
Now dead and fertile
Your mom is ugly
She sleeps with many strange men
She has no virtue
Humor is lovely
Punchlines and delivery
Why "Yo' Momma" jokes?
The sink gains an odor
It smells less than pleasantly
Please do your dishes
I love summer leaves
They're green and moist for if you
wipe your nose or butt
It is 6 AM
Babylon 5 is so tasty
My eyes are bleeding
Sun smiles each day
Lie in bed read Freud and sweat
Crutches suck my ass.
Hail pink lemonade
it has fruity bitter taste
sunlight fills my blood
More stuff than I need
Where did all of this come from?
Packing makes me cry
Only two days left
Then we go our separate ways
I will miss good friends
Cold rain on my head
Div III keeps me up 'til noon
Night is depressing
Katya will not write
She can only write lyrics
This makes me quite sad
Am I a moron?
Wherefore am I without socks?
I own but eight pair :(
Haiku clogging wall
3 A.M. I should do work.
This is much more fun